Our history and milestones

Look through the key milestones in the development of our company throughout our 60-year history.


Embalirka, the legal predecessor of Emba, was founded in June 1956. The initial activities included packing, sorting, manufacturing and processing of food products. The activities included packing different spices, filling oil and petroleum into bottles and packing rice, sugar and breadcrumbs. At the time we manufactured 24 different packagings for teas, pasta, spices, spirits and oils. An interesting fact – at the very beginning the products were transported to the stores by a tricycle.


In 1957 the smell of coffee enveloped our processing plant for the first time. We expanded our activities to include coffee products and bought a coffee grinder, while leasing the coffee roaster.


Embalirka got a new, shorter name Emba, and 5 years later, in 1968 joined the hypermarket Mercator.


In 1974 we moved into our new offices at Slovenčeva cesta.


In 1977 the 'sweet era' began: we began manufacturing instant cocoa products and in 1983 expanded our assortment to include dessert toppings.


1987 was a new turning point for our company, when we began our collaboration with the multinational corporation McDonald's.


A good quality breakfast is a must while have your first cup of excellent coffee, which is why we included the manufacturing of wheat products to our production.


Up to 1993 coffee became such an important part of our assortment of products that we opened our first Santana Coffee Shop bar, where any coffee connoisseur could stop by for a cup of the aromatic beverage.


Before the end of the millennium we marked another 'sweet era': we began manufacturing syrups and shakes for McDonald's, and in 1999 included sweet fillings to our array of products.


Entering the new millennium we started our collaboration with French chain stores.


We took over the Loka Škofja Loka roasting mill.


Mercator d.d. became our full owners.


In 2008 a part of our assets were allocated to the newly founded company M-Nepremičnine d.o.o.


Moving to a new manufacturing and business facility in Logatec.


Per owner's request we sold the coffee product range and the labels Santana and Loka kava.