Socially responsible engagement

As a company working in an international environment we are well aware how important it is to work responsibly for a bright future. We have been working towards continual development and maintain responsible relations with our consumers, employees, local and international suppliers and the community. Together with our suppliers we take part in various projects working on the continual procurement of raw materials.

Responsibility to our customers and suppliers 

We maintain good relations with our customers and suppliers

We believe it's essential to maintain good relations with customers and suppliers, which is why we conduct our business in an ethical and transparent manner and are at the same time socially and environmentally responsible. The satisfaction of our customers is monitored and assessed using special methods, and we respond to consumer opinions by continually improving our products. We want to offer safe products of the highest quality and at a competitive price. Taking into consideration the quality of our products we carefully select our suppliers and build long-lasting partnerships with them. We are well aware that suppliers have a key role in the quality of our products, which is why we choose those, who strive to maintain the quality, safety and traceability of products in accordance with the existing legislation and the demands of Mercator-Emba.  

Responsibility to our employees 

Our employees are the basis for our success

One of the pillars of our success are our satisfied employees. We focus on having a stimulative and creative working environment, where our employees feel comfortable and awarded. Our employees are motivated and supported to attend additional trainings, they are provided with quality lunches and encouraged to spend their leisure time actively and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We view the transfer of knowledge as an efficient way towards progress and innovation, which is why we introduced a mentorship system, where our employees pass on their extensive experience, knowledge and values onto younger co-workers. Offering various seminars and workshops we also tend to boosting knowledge for all of our employees.

Responsibility to our local communities 

The quality of life of the local population

With our activities we help to improve the local population's quality of life. We support and enable various humanitarian, cultural, educational, sports, and other projects. We are the sponsors of the volleyball club Logatec and help educational establishments, such as schools, kindergartens and other societies with our donations. Our corporate social responsibility is not only limited to the younger population, as our support also extends to nursing homes for the elderly. We always readily respond to humanitarian organisations' initiatives or directly help people in need. The most important humanitarian organisation we have been collaborating with for several years is Ronald McDonald's House Charities. 

Responsibility to the natural environment 

Reducing the pressures on the environment

An important part of our sustainable operating strategy is comprehensive environmental management. The development and innovations of our manufacturing processes are inextricably connected with our environment, which is why we fully comply with the environmental requirements established by the legislation. We have also committed to respecting internal measures that have been established for the purpose of reducing pressures on the environment. We pay particular attention to the emissions of substances into air, waste management, disposal of waste waters and energy consumptions. Because we strive for a cleaner environment we are also gradually replacing the packaging of our products with environmentally friendly packaging.