Sun Nuts

Our Sun Nuts label offers a wide array of dried fruits and nuts. They can be used to prepare different desserts and dishes or simply as a wholesome and healthy snack in between meals. They are packed in a controlled atmosphere ensuring long-lasting quality of the products. You can choose your favourite from the selection of peanuts, almonds, pistachio, different kinds of sultanas and coconut flour.


Main conrainer


Coconut flour is perfect for preparing various healthy desserts. It is rich in fibres and does not contain gluten.


Sun Nuts raisins are very convenient for moments when you are low on energy and are a good source of calcium and magnesium. We offer a golden and brown variety, both of which are perfect in baking any types of cakes.


A delicious snack for any occasion. The Southeast Asian nut is a rich source of healthy fatty acids and proteins.


Almonds offer a rich taste and are a perfect source of proteins, omega-3 fatty acids and fibres. They are an ideal snack or addition to any type of dessert.


The legume, often mistaken for a nut, is an indispensable snack at any social gathering. They are rich with antioxidants and supply you with all the energy you need for the day.