Sladki greh

Sladki greh, has new flavours, refreshed recipes and new, more convenient packaging. Desert toppings will add a special aestetic note to your “sweet dish” and raise the taste of the whole dessert. They are essential in any kitchen, whether we used them on ice cream, desserts, pancakes, waffles, cakes or just to decorate food. The new packaging contains a special membrane which prevents draining and It makes it easier to dose and decorate. Toppings are more natural, completely free of preservatives and contain only natural dyes. That way you can enjoy it without guilty conscience.


Main conrainer


When in doubt, chocolate is definitely the right choice.

Chocolate without added sugar

Those of you who are not so much into sugar may sweeten yourself with chocolate without added sugar.


One of the most popular fruits flavor dressings is probably strawberry dressing with pieces of fruit.


The perfect taste of caramel fit for the most demanding.

Forest fruits

The combination of sweet and sour with pieces of fruit will be a delight on any dessert.


When you run out of chocolate chip cookies to crumble and sprinkle over ice cream, a dressing with this exact taste is a perfect alternative.

Mango and passion fruit

An exotic passion fruit and mango will take you to the land of the eternal summer regardless of the season.