Sladki greh

Dessert toppings are an indispensable addition, which transforms any dessert into a visual masterpiece. Our wide selection of different tastes is perfect for pampering that special someone and making any moment even sweeter. Sladki greh is an essential topping for ice-creams, pancakes and other desserts, making any dish a colourful and delicious experience.


Main conrainer


When in doubt, chocolate is definitely the right choice.


If you love an intense taste of cocoa make sure to not leave this one out.


Strawberry is probably one of the most popular fruit flavours which makes a perfect combination with chocolate as much as with various dairy products.


The perfect taste of caramel fit for the most demanding.

Forest fruits

The combination of sweet and sour will be a delight on any dessert.


When you run out of chocolate chip cookies to crumble and sprinkle over ice cream, a dressing with this exact taste is a perfect alternative.