Originating from the tropical island of Mauritius, Billington’s sugars are produced with the crystallisation of sugar cane syrup. They are produced naturally, without chemical cleaning or bleaching and don’t contain any colouring agents – the rich brown colour of the sugar is provided by molasses, which is found in sugar cane. It is also what gives the sugars its unique taste and structure of the crystals.


Main conrainer

Demerara sugar

Demerara is our most popular product for sweetening coffee or tea. It is of a rich golden-brown colour, sticky texture, yet still crispy and fine, because of its big crystals. It’s available in 0.5 kg and 1 kg packaging.

Muscovado light sugar

The unrefined light brown sugar is made of fine crystals and adds a rich honey-caramel aroma to any dish. Because of its sticky texture it is perfect for making soft biscuits.

Muscovado dark sugar

The dark brown variant of the muscovado sugar has smaller crystals and a sticky, almost moist texture. It has a higher content of molasses than its light variant, which gives it an even stronger caramel aroma, perfect for making chocolate cakes and brownies.

Molasses sugar

Our darkest brown sugar contains the highest amount of molasses, which makes its texture considerably stickier than our other sugars. It has a distinct and intense caramel aroma, which enrichens any dessert. It’s suitable for rich fruit and chocolate cakes.

Golden granulated sugar

Because of its crystals, the golden sugar is the crispiest out of all the sugars we offer. It’s perfect as a crispy topping for pound cakes, biscuits or fresh berries. It has a very neutral taste, so it’s suitable for making sweet jams and savoury-sweet chutneys. It’s available in 1 kg packaging.