Our cocoa products are nested under the BenQuick brand, which includes a wide range of instant cocoa products, hot chocolates and wheat coffee. The products are the result of years of experience in the field of cocoa goods. They are produced by agglomeration, which enables a special structure of the granules, making them instantly soluble in milk, allowing for quick preparation.

BenQuick products are distinguished by their 

Main conrainer

Fast and simple preparation

The special structure of the granules enables instant solubility and quick preparation.

High cocoa content

The different content levels of cocoa in our products satisfy even the most specific of tastes.

Professional personnel

Our personnel has years of experience and undergoes continual training at all levels.

BenQuick Cacao

Our traditional product, which contains 25 % of cocoa, is characterized by its specific taste and intense colour. It is the most popular cocoa product with consumers.

BenQuick Choco

The product containing 19 % of cocoa is enriched with vitamins and calcium and has a very distinct taste of chocolate. It is the perfect beverage for those devoted to chocolate.

Benquick with 30% less sugar

The product which can be enjoyed without any worries and guilty conscious. It contains light cocoa powder with 30% less sugar in comparison with typical cocoa products for instant cocoa. Delicious taste is recognised by a white cover in recognisable packaging.

BenQuick Creamy Drink

The unique product with a subtle taste of caramel is suitable for all those who prefer special tastes.

BenQuick wheat coffee

Our wheat coffee is an indispensable drink to go with a traditional breakfast. It is made from wheat extracts and does not contain caffeine, which makes it suitable for you and your children any time of the day.

BenQuick Selection

For all those who prefer an intense taste of cocoa we prepared BenQuick Selection products with carefully chosen ingredients. You can pick from BenQuick Selection containing 36% of the best cocoa from Ghana and BenQuick Selection with brown cane sugar.