Our cocoa products are nested under the BenQuick brand, which includes a wide range of instant cocoa products, hot chocolates and wheat coffee. The products are the result of years of experience in the field of cocoa goods. They are produced by agglomeration, which enables a special structure of the granules, making them instantly soluble in milk, allowing for quick preparation.

Sladki greh

Dessert toppings are an indispensable addition, which transforms any dessert into a visual masterpiece. Our wide selection of different tastes is perfect for pampering that special someone and making any moment even sweeter. Sladki greh is an essential topping for ice-creams, pancakes and other desserts, making any dish a colourful and delicious experience.


Originating from the tropical island of Mauritius, Billington’s sugars are produced with the crystallisation of sugar cane syrup. They are produced naturally, without chemical cleaning or bleaching and don’t contain any colouring agents – the rich brown colour of the sugar is provided by molasses, which is found in sugar cane. It is also what gives the sugars its unique taste and structure of the crystals.

Sun Nuts

Our Sun Nuts label offers a wide array of dried fruits and nuts. They can be used to prepare different desserts and dishes or simply as a wholesome and healthy snack in between meals. They are packed in a controlled atmosphere ensuring long-lasting quality of the products. You can choose your favourite from the selection of peanuts, almonds, pistachio, different kinds of sultanas and coconut flour.